The New Alcalá Theater has been the venue chosen by the director David Serrano to bring the famous Stephen Daldry film, “Billy Elliot”, to the theatrical scene in Spain. The performance premiered on October 5th under the production of SOM Produce, in charge of other important musicals like “Priscilla, queen of the desert” or “I want u back“.

For this occasion, in addition to directing, David Serrano has also been in charge of the adaptation of the libretto and songs, which has entailed more than two years of preparation until the premiere. Part of the success of this work is that has embedded Elton John’s music, and Peter Darling’s choreography. Added to this, is the great scenographic adaptation that has been carried out which has been run by Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda, and the lighting design executed by Juan Gómez Cornejo and Carlos Torrijos.

Leading the Spanish production is Natalia Millán (Miss Wilkison), Carlos Hipólito (Father) and Adrian Lastra (Tony), followed by about a hundred artists and seventy persons in the technical team.

Thanks to the trust of SOM Produce, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the lighting, sound and video equipment of the musical. As far as illumination is concerned, the robotized equipment stands out: 18 Vari * Lite VL 3500Q Spot, 4 Vari * Lite VL 1000AS, 14 Robe Pointe 300W, 20 Robin 300 and 18 Robin BMFL Washbeam. To get an idea of the sound equipment supplied, we can mention, for example, a total of 91 self-powered Meyer Sound boxes. Finally, the video consisted of a system of production of 8 cameras, a projector of 15,000 lumens and a system Barco Folsom Pro. Among the control systems, is a Digital Table SD7 Theater and a Yamaha QL1.