“Carola Morena” brings a new commitment to nightlife in Madrid, a room that will envelop prime electronic music nationally and internationally in the heart of the capital, additionally counting on a restaurant attached to the hall. Located in Principe Pio, the space plans for capacity of 800 members and prospectively bears the nourishment from Fluge Audiovisuales’ experience and the most cutting-edge equipment, which will manage the design and sound installation in the different spots in the venue.

To carry out the sound installation, Fluge Audiovisuales executed its tests on August 12th, under approval from design organizers composed of KV2 Audio brand equipment. This sound design, which will have a quadraphonic sound on the dance floor, has been devised by Poti Martín (Fluge Audiovisuales).

In addition, “Carola Morena” will join ranks with the promoter Disorder Events, who will be responsible for specialized press, communication and design and booking of national and international artists. As a highlight for its launch, the room will embrace DJ Nano as a weekly resident. In addition, it is worth highlighting Miquel Clot, from LEDs Control, who is in charge of the conceptual design of this new venue aiming to increase the spectacular nature of Madrid nights.

Under Jorge Lobato’s project management, this new leisure alternative continues its course normally and is finalizing the details before starting with final exterior and interior touches.

The following are the KV2 Audio models selected to be part of  “Carola Morena” different spaces’ design:


 P.A. (Quadraphonic Sound):

Four points flown with SL 2.15 (amplified with VHD 3000) and SL 4.12 (amplified with VHD 3200). VHD 4.21 will be available for the subwoofers.

In addition, it will be reinforced throughout the room with ESD12 (amplified with ESP 2000) flown to homogenize the perception of sound.

 CABIN (Booth Monitor):

EX15 and EX 1.8 on subwoofers.


ESD10 (amplified with ESP 2000) AND ESD 1.10.


ESD CUBE and ESD 1.10 (both amplified with ESP1000)