Fluge Zaragoza has worked intensively in recent months to offer an innovative project in which to host online or face-to-face events of all kinds and conditions, complying with all the necessary security measures.

Fluge Zaragoza has achieved this installing a set with the latest audiovisual technology on its set in La Muela. To inaugurate this new space, the online festival “Mondo Paradiso” was held from July 10th to 12th, bringing together more than 40 national DJs of all styles on its three-day celebration.

To carry out this first initiative, other companies in the sector joined the project, providing a top notch show for the spectator. Del Pozo Audiovisuales was in charge of the photocall, graphics, the production control with four cameras and another with a 360º camera and its necessary personnel; Grupo Nabegos arranged the content of the show mapping; Fluge Barcelona cooperated with the supply of projectors for mapping and LED screens.

With a high rate media impact on television, radio and social networks, this is just the beginning of the activity on Fluge Zaragoza’s set. Its web portal will continue to be active for upcoming events with 2d video servers, 360º and VR video servers, VIP rooms and a DJ track, as well as this new space located in La Muela.