El Valle de Antón is a beautiful town in the mountains located in the crater of an extinct volcano, a touristic site in the interior of Panama on the Pacific Riviera. In this splendid setting, the Eleta business group, founded in 1964, has decided to create a modern museum to provide tourists with a perfect incentive for getting to know the place, with three exhibition sectors: geology, history and biodiversity.

Fluge Centroamérica, thanks to Grupo Eleta’s entrustment, was in charge of advising, sale and installing the latest generation audiovisual equipment in the three areas, as well as carrying out the installation of surround sound equipment and the 270º projection to the audience.

Interaction with the younger audience is essential, which is why ad hoc applications have been created for Philips touch screens integrated into furniture, making them attractive to the younger ones. In the very near future, the grand opening will be broadcast via streaming and will be attended by the President of the Republic of Panama.

AV Design: David Hurtado / Orosman de la Guardia

AV Installation: Ricardo Bernate, Noel Coronado, Nicolás Garzón, Julian Velez.