The EECN Congress is one of the largest forums on energy efficiency in the construction and architecture sector. This event addresses all issues related to High Efficiency Buildings from an integral and multidisciplinary point of view. On October 23rd, it celebrated its sixth edition at the Auditorium of La Nave in Madrid.

The meeting addressed the present and future of construction from topics related to renewable energy, efficiency or solutions to adapt or rehabilitate buildings to achieve almost zero energy consumption. To this, different presentations, talks, round tables and all kinds of meetings between professionals in the sector were organized.

The event featured Fluge Audiovisuales as a provider of sound, lighting, video and audiovisual technical staff thanks to the trust of Tecmared, producer of the event. Specifically, more than 20 d&b speakers were provided between the P.A. and Frontfill (models T-10, B-4, E5 and E6) for sound, more than a dozen spotlights for the lighting area and a LED screen of 5.50 X 3 meters and pitch of 2.97 mm for the video section.