With a multitude of live performances scheduled during the months of December and January, the Santas Pascuas Festival of Pamplona has become a must for music lovers who love to discover new bands and musical proposals. Held in several concert halls in the city of Navarra, the festival suffered some date changes due to the health alert, which did not discourage the organization and attendees, who were able to see their favorite artists a few days later in this sixth edition.

With different musical styles and a clear commitment to Navarre’s culture and bands, the festival featured artists such as Natalia Lacunza and Morgan. Both performances took place in the Sala Baluarte on January 4 and January 17, respectively.

Thanks to the confidence of the Santas Pascuas Festival, which organized the event in an exemplary manner, ABS-Fluge Euskadi was in charge of supplying the audiovisual material of the concerts offered by Natalia Lacunza and Morgan in the Sala Baluarte.