Among the circuits announced by the Palma de Mallorca City Council in the lighting and multimedia event called “Palma, Una Abraçada De Llum”, was the installation “The Tunnel, Space-Time”, carried out by Fluge Audiovisuales .

The installation, which could be visited on November 29 and 30, consisted of more than 100 structural RGB LED bars, 4 Meyer Sound loudspeakers, smoke machines, 8 LED floor bars and a control with everything necessary to operate the installation by passes every 15 minutes. A 3x2x3m tunnel created with RGB LED bars suitable for sequencing and light programming that, to the rhythm of the music, composed exclusively for this installation, created a very striking multimedia effect.

Palma City Council developed a Covid-19 prevention plan, where spectators were summoned in groups of 30 people. In an organized manner and with the appropriate measures, the visitors could enjoy every minute of the show, walking and interacting with the installation to later continue with the circuit tour.

The event had a spectacular reception and criticism by the public and organizational authorities, reaching great impact and presence in the media.