On June 26th the V Congress of Smart Cities took place in the La Nave de Madrid space. The event attracted more than 500 congressmen from the public and private sectors to share different projects and initiatives based on the sustainability of the urban centers, which consolidates it as a reference forum in the sector.

The premise of the contest was based on the need to build cities capable of reducing energy consumption and emissions of polluting gases; important challenges to which they are exposed today. This edition showed the high level of development of many of these initiatives with its more than 30 speakers who addressed issues such as enabling technologies, urban innovation or financing of projects.

In addition to the presentations, there were several round tables. In these, discussions of different aspects of urban sustainability by several experts and   expositions focused on everything related to smart cities were setup.

Fluge Audiovisuales provided the audiovisual equipment of the event for the third consecutive year thanks to the confidence of  Tecma Red Group, producer of the same. For the P.A. system and sound frontfill were supported with d&b equipment, robotic lighting equipment Robin 300 and a projector Barco of 20,000 lumens for the video section.