It seemed that this Christmas the usual and endearing scene of the youngest meeting the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus to ask for their wishes would not happen again, given the sanitary measures and restrictions on social distance. However, several large commercial areas sought a Christmas action in their centers and Globally, a Newlink division, devised a method  using online technology to carry it out.

Using the highest security protocols, the action was carried out in five shopping centers simultaneously during Christmas: La Maquinista, Splau and Glories in Barcelona, ​​Bonaire in Valencia and Parquesur in Madrid. In addition to personalizing the experience and transforming the shop windows, the children were able to enjoy an encounter with The Three Wise Men or Santa Claus online, with around 10,000 families having a physical and virtually magical experience. A coordination and management challenge for the 180 agencies and production staff, who also had to change the setting and decoration of the premises so that Santa Claus gave way to the Wise Men arrival from the East after December 25th.

Thanks to Globally, a Newlink division and producer of this vision, Fluge Audiovisuales supplied the audiovisual equipment in the five shopping centers, making the experience as close and spectacular as possible.