“Tim Burton, Labyrinth” was inaugurated last Thursday, September 29, at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias in Madrid. This immersive exhibition, unique in the world, takes place in an authentic labyrinth where attendees will discover Tim Burton’s inner world. His extensive universe is recreated through characters and films, video projections of his extensive filmography, sketches and original works by the famous film director.

Representation of characters with life-size sculptures

The public visits the labyrinth in a different way, since each person has to choose the door through which they want to enter to continue and build their own path, thus having endless possibilities. The experience ends when a total of 15 rooms are completed through a sensory tour with surprises that will not leave anyone indifferent. The characteristic point that makes “Tim Burton, Labyrinth” unique is the sample of the creative process and the mind of the filmmaker himself, who has also been present at the opening.

Tim Burton in this immersive experience about his inner world

Thanks to the producer of the exhibition, LESTGO, Fluge Audiovisuales has been in charge of supplying the lighting, video and sound equipment for this immersive experience. Among the most outstanding material are 280 conventional lighting equipment to bathe the different environments with light; a 100-volt line made up of 150 Audac monitors distributed throughout the space so that no room is left without sound; 27 HD laser projectors of 7,000 lumens from the Barco brand, 55 Samil CDS monitors and a Creston control system, all of them with the aim of completely immersing visitors.

The different spaces of the exhibition illuminated

The Mad Hatter surrounded by giant mushrooms

The Red Queen’s costume

Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”