The students of Trade Formation’s audiovisual masters in live sound, stage lighting and live video completed their training, last Thursday, February 25th with a final practice session. The Louladi set of Fluge Audiovisuales hosted this event, where the students put all the knowledge learned during the year into practice

The Trade Training technical school is the platform for technicians for the most dynamic show in Spain. Since its inception in 2013, it has been committed to a practical training model, with access to the most current work teams. One of the keys to the success of this model is the face-to-face instruction of senior technical professionals, as well as the latest technology audiovisual equipment from Fluge Audiovisuales and its different sets.

In the final stretch of the intensive Master’s programs at Trade, an assembly was carried out that brought together all the work disciplines, generating a real atmosphere in terms of team meetings, design, production, assembly, adjustments, execution and disassembly of a show, under the supervision of specialist teachers.

Next, find  the most outstanding lighting equipment used in the practice, which demonstrates the effort made by Fluge Audiovisuales and Trade Formación to produce the most ambitious technical classes in Europe.

24 Robe Megapointe

6 Robe Spiider

16 Clay Paky Axcor 300 Spot

15 Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K10

12 Clay Paky Mythos 2

4 Minuit Une M-Carré

5 Acme Blinder IP

2 Grand MA 2 Full Size

To make the experience even more realistic, we had electronic music artists from the Techno genre: Internationally known The Yellow Heads and Unai García, TRADE DJ coordinators and teachers.