In times where the event sector has been affected negatively, adaptation to the new reality is inevitable, the best way to face future challenges is with optimism and dedication, using the tools accessible to us and moving towards technological innovation. Hence, face-to-face meetings, the traditional way of organizing an event, has been postponed during these months due to the impossibility of meeting. However, today people are more connected than ever, but this time virtually.

As an alternative to the face-to-face event, and thanks to the advancement of technological tools, audiovisual equipment and first-rate facilities, Fluge Audiovisuales offers its clients the possibility of holding online events or hybrid events.

In order to better understand the advantages of both categories of events and facilitate customer choice according to their needs, we have compiled the characteristics and advantages of each of them.


The advantages of the online events compared to the face-to-face event are significant. Each attendee or speaker can connect through our online platform from the comfort of their home and interact, without having to move.

  • Greater participation and interaction of attendees.
  • No space attendance limitations.
  • Reduction of costs for transfers, logistics and time.
  • Real and measurable impact, being able to extract the data to analyze and improve the strategy in future events.
  • Broadcast live or a posteriori, being able to access its content once it has been made, making it more profitable.
  • Innovation and connection between attendees: creation and integration of gamification elements.
  • Realization of visual elements. Integration of a product through augmented reality, for example: a car, without having to move it in person.


The hybrid event acquires the advantages of the online event and the face-to-face event, being a magnificent alternative for the organization of your event. To carry it out, a space is necessary. Fluge Audiovisuales offers its Blue Set, with more than 800m2 of conditioned space, where various sets have been installed that may be available to the client immediately.

  • Adaptability. A multitude of different events can be carried out in person online: online seminars, webinars, celebrations, congresses, TV programs, training courses, rehearsals, filming, series recording, video clips, professional technical equipment tests, etc.
  • Acquisition of the previously mentioned advantages of the online event.
  • Acquisition of face-to-face advantages: value of direct contact, personal and close introductions, fluid communication, less distractions…
  • Greater innovation, using tools in person or from home.
  • Brand impact, professionalization and commitment.