Under the slogan “The most beautiful skating rink in the world”, the Monastery of Uclés welcomed more than 8,000 people in the campaign “Uclés Es Navidad” during the days between December 22 and January 8. As a result of this initiative, the little ones were able to enjoy different Christmas activities, including an ice rink, workshops, concerts and a wide gastronomic offer.

Uclés Monastery at Christmas

Located in the central courtyard of the Uclés Monastery, the rink was made with synthetic ice, completely ecological, so as not to architecturally contaminate the area’s heritage. After the success of this first edition, the objective of the proposal is to be held every year at Christmas time and become a tourist reference center in the province.

Incredible Christmas lighting at the Uclés Monastery

Once again, thanks to LaLAB cultural projects laboratory, creator, designer and producer of the event, David Pérez, creative director of LaLAB, and the Fernando Núñez Foundation, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the lighting and sound equipment for the experience. Among the audiovisual equipment used were around 100 robotic and conventional lighting equipment, a complete sound system and two control desks: a Grand MA3 for lighting and a Yamaha CL1 for sound.