On the occasion of Holy Week, the Uclés Monastery (Uclés, Cuenca) opened its doors to celebrate the first edition of Lux in Tenebris, a totally unprecedented project in our country that brings together a festival of mystical and avant-garde music characterized for the union of tradition and architectural heritage in the same space with the new narratives of the 21st century, digital technology and audiovisual creations.

With a contemporary and spectacular staging of the Holy Week Services, the festival was a complete visual and sound experience that included music, theater and audiovisual performances. Held between April 14th and 17th, each of the Lux in Tenebris shows featured a different musical personality. Its programming included the concert of the Oficio de Tinieblas, the sound and visual avant-garde piece El enigma del Sepulcro, the experience in three acts La Vigilia, which opted for a gastronomic, musical and artistic journey, and El concert de la alegría celebrated on Sunday.

Lux in Tenebris had a substantial support to understand tradition in a different manner in its technology and its impressive audiovisual display in its different spaces. It brought a contemporary reading of the liturgical celebrations of the Holy Week and a recreation of a unique atmosphere that invites one to connect with oneself. Thanks to bestowed by Fernando Núñez Foundation, creator and organizer of the event through LaLAB, its cultural creation laboratory, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the sound, lighting and video equipment for the first edition of Lux in Tenebris.

Among the audiovisual equipment supplied in the different interior and exterior spaces of the Uclés Monastery, more than 200 robotic and conventional lighting equipment were installed, 100 IP65 LED bars in the patio, Grand MA3 control tables, wireless microphones, d&b sound systems for different spaces, control tables Yamaha CL5 and QL5 and two laser projectors of 32,000 lumens, among others.

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