One more year, Umbra Light Festival filled the most memorable squares, buildings and public spaces in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz with light. In this 2023 edition, the festival which arose with the intention of introducing visitors and citizens to the world of urban light art, once again managed to fascinate through different artistic proposals related to light offered in the city center streets.

Under the motto “empathy”, Umbra Light Festival 2023 was held for three consecutive days, from February 9th to 11th, premiering 12 light shows with local, national and international artists. This year, in addition to constant coverage of artistic expressions of digital visual art and using new technologies, sustainability has become more important, making use of clean energy and installations that are mostly made with LED technology.

Once again, Umbra Light Festival and Carlos Torrijos, co-director, trusted Fluge Audiovisuales to carry out the supply of sound, lighting and video equipment that made the various artistic installations possible. Entre el equipamiento más destacado se encontraron más de 100 focos robotizados y convencionales, una dotación de sonido compuesta por 125 altavoces en su mayoría DAS Audio repartidos por los diferentes espacios, 9 proyectores láser Barco de 32.000 lúmenes, 3 proyectores láser Panasonic de 12.000 lúmenes, un proyector Panasonic de 10.000 lúmenes y un último de 8.800, además de dos mediaservers Watchout.