Understanding Fluge has become an unmissable event for all professionals and passionate audiovisual sector followers in its four editions of life. The IV Open Day of Fluge Audiovisuales Open Doors, Understanding Fluge 2019, has concluded with a great assistance success with more than 2,000 attendees in its four days of celebration. From November 18 to 21, there were endless exclusive presentations, exhibitions, entertainment, live shows and presentations by authentic industry leaders such as Robb Allan, sound engineer for Massive Attack, Radiohead or Coldplay; Renowned producer and DJ Carlos Jean, Fernando Olives-Gomila (Stage Entertainment Production Director), Cristina Boscá (Director and co-presenter of “Anda Ya” of LOS40) or world famous electronics DJ Cristian Varela, among many others.

This vast audiovisual meeting was held at the Plató Louladi and the VIP Room of the Fluge Audiovisuales facilities in Arganda del Rey (Madrid), which was equipped with the most cutting-edge sound, lighting and video equipment available to Fluge for this exhibit. Some of the samples that surprised visitors the most were the spectacular LED floor video screens, which had motion sensors that reacted when passing over them. Interactive video content was created and programmed by Lights Notes. After passing through this installation was a striking interactive hologram developed by the video department of Fluge.

The set also featured a multitude of stands, samples of technical equipment and courses and presentations by leading manufacturers and suppliers such as Itares, TechData, Stonex, Meyer Sound, Adam Hall, Ventuz, ActionLift, ShowTex, Kinson, Santosom, Earpro , EES, ACME, UMILES, SeeSound, DAS Audio, d&b, Scanart, Prevent Event. AVIXA, Video Cine Import and Zentralmedia. Likewise, different sound demos of the P.A. System of leading brands such as JBL (VTX-8), Clair Brothers (C-12) and DAS Audio (E11Even Sound) were made.

The presentations were the central axis of this fourth edition of Understanding Fluge that from the early morning until the late afternoon completed an extensive program with more than thirty speakers. Among them was the aforementioned Robb Allan – who presented the new AVID S6L in addition to sharing his tricks and secrets as a sound engineer – Fernando Olives-Gomila, Production Director of Stage Entertainment (“The Lion King”, “Anastasia” or “My Fair Lady” among others) or Rafa Sañudo, designer and co-founder of Estudio RaRo, responsible for hundreds of album covers and the making of video clips of some of the most important artists in the national and international pop scene. Cristina Boscá, Director and co-presenter of “Anda Ya” of LOS 40, also participated, who explained her vision about the figure of the musical presenter as a prescriber in the radio field.

At the same time, Rafa Giménez (managing partner of Sold Out) was present as lecturers, who gave his talk “Great exhibitions, great productions”; Rafael Mendiri (A&R of WARNER Music), who did an interesting review of the past, present and future of mass music; Javier Valero (Analog), with his presentation “International Booking in Festivals”; Carlos Mata (Taste the Floor) and Miguelo (Suspiria) who discussed the fan effect and how to stay in success; and Ana Díaz (Stage Entertainment) with his lecture “Management and exploitation of the theaters beyond the musicals” which featured a spectacular final performance with two of the actors of “The Lion King”, who performed a song of the famous musical.

One of the highlights of this edition was electronic music with figures as powerful as the emerging DJ Garabatto; the also mentioned producer and DJ Carlos Jean – who exposed his extensive vision about the music industry to an interested audience – and DJ Cristian Varela, one of the stars of world electronics, who landed on the last day of the conference to share a more than interesting Master Class next to a latter session that captivated the numerous capacity. Undoubtedly, a real finishing touch to finish these IV Open Days of Audiovisual Fluge Doors that achieved a remarkable assistance success.

Understanding Fluge 2019 also presented round tables such as the “Colloquium between designers and programmers” by the Association of Lighting Authors (AAI) and the collaboration of Trade Formation, which was presented by Eneko Candina and featured the designers Olga García, Alberto Rodriguez and Ivan Espada and programmers Sergio Gracia, Ernesto Porcar and Chiqui Ruiz, moderated by the Vice President of AAI, lighting designer Nicolá

Also participating were speakers Sebastián Barcat (EES), Isaías García “Sasi” (See Sound), Luis López (Earpro), Alex Juarez (See Sound), Juanma de Casas (d&b), Vincent Olucha (DAS Audio), José Ignacio García Juncal (Adam Hall), Álvaro Plumed (DAS Audio), Álvaro Fontanals (DAS Audio), Gonzalo Herránz (Video Cine Import), Lorenzo Sassi (See Sound), Pepe Ferrer (Zentral Media), Yoav Slimobich (AVIXA), David Paniego (Ventuz), Mateu Coll Morey (Meyer Sound), Manu Meñaca (Meyer Sound), Álvaro Vallés (Umiles), Ana Díaz (Stage Entertainment), Ana Alonso (Prevent Event).

Together with the presentations made on the Louladi set, Understanding Fluge 2019 offered courses and exhibitions for those with a broader technical background. They were held in the VIP Room of the facilities and there were talks of several hours of duration where the details of different professional teams and specialized sound, lighting and video software were shelled. This space also featured the permanent photography exhibition throughout the celebration of the “Brothers in Lens” conference by Mario Larrode and Domingo J. Casas, authentic references within musical photography with a multitude of endeavors under his realm and a broad professional career.

Fluge Audiovisuales wishes to thank the collaboration of Showtex, Mobilier, Rental Chairs, Workout, Light Notes, Incontact, Prodicom, Disorder Events, Trade Training and of all the participants and speakers, as well as all the attendees, who made this outstanding edition of Understanding Fluge possible.

We begin to plan on the next edition of the  V Conference of Open Doors of Fluge Audiovisuales. Soon fragments of the different talks will be shared through our social networks. Stay tuned!