Last Thursday, April 15th, Velázquez Tech Museum was inaugurated, an immersive experience in art through the high end technology that had its opening with the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís.

This project, created and promoted by Antonio Azzato and which has “Las Meninas” as its common thread, invites visitors to take a tour of different interpretations of Velázquez’s most universal work using video mapping techniques, interactive systems and holograms. The space has eight rooms with different facilities where the public can enter the Alcázar room interior, learn the secrets of Velázquez’s work, enter the sensorial cube of inspiration and then create their own Menina or be photographed with the Infanta Margarita after taking a tour of the evolution of the main pillars of society with the Meninas as a canvas. In addition, the entire tour is accompanied by a soundtrack of baroque music updated with contemporary rhythms that has been expressly composed by Guitarchello. All these ingredients make Velázquez Tech Museum an unforgettable, entertaining and educational experience for the whole family.

Fluge Audiovisuales, as a technological partner, in addition to the supply and installation of all the audiovisual equipment, has provided both the exhibition design and the visual and interactive contents of the exhibition. More than 6 months of work have been needed with an important human team that has counted on Enrique Jiménez for the exhibition design and the coordination between the technical and creative teams, Miguel Padilla and Manu Arranz in the creation of the visual content or Fernando Carabias in configuration and technical development, among others.

In addition, the Fluge Audiovisuales R&D department has fully developed the Web App of the “Pinta tu Menina” installation in which visitors can create their Menina from their own mobile phone and send it to a virtual aquarium installed in the Museum.

Fluge wants to invite you to enjoy this new audiovisual experience and therefore until May 15 you can get your tickets at a reduced price by entering the code FLUGETECH – TICKETS


11 Panasonic PT-RZ660 Projectors

11 Panasonic ET-DLE060 optics

1 Panasonic PT-RZ120 Projector

1 Ultra short lens Panasonic ET-DLE035

3 Watchout Media Servers  with 6 4K Outputs

35 square meters of led screen ABSEN Indoor Module 3.9 mm


3 NECX55 ”Videowall Monitors

25 d&b boxes

6 stages d&b D6