At the end of the year, specifically on November 30, the well-known clothing brand Vélez organized a fashion show at the luxury hotel La Compañía de Panamá. On the occasion of Mother’s Day (December 8 in Panama), new products oriented to the celebration and the Christmas campaign were presented.

The tents set up for the Vélez parade in Panama

Every year, the Vélez parade in Panama is an event that takes place in the Casco Antiguo of the city and is very popular among local residents and tourists, as the Colombian leather fashion and accessories store is very well known in Latin America. With its annual catwalk, Vélez manages to consolidate its international presence and renew its brand.

“Vélez, you are at the heart of everything we do” in his own Panamanian parade

Thanks to RED COOL and Álvaro Ochoa, producers and organizers of the parade, Fluge Centroamérica was in charge of supplying the lighting, sound and video equipment for the evening. Among the audiovisual equipment used, he highlighted the conventional lighting of the catwalk with 40 cutouts, prepared for the parade of 18 models, as well as decorative lights in the hotel patio, creating a colorful atmosphere to match the collection that Vélez presented. To do this, two tents were set up in the interior patio of the hotel with a truss structure measuring 12 x 5 meters each, covered with vegetation. The sound system was ideal so that the 200 guests could clearly hear the saxophone and violin that entertained the beginning of the night and the DJ session that played music during the parade while a drum band played to the same tune.

Spectacular lighting in the Hotel La Compañía courtyard for the Vélez parade

Vélez makes its own catwalk in Latin America

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