Building on its reliability in the events sector, FLUGE is a major presence in some of the most significant venues in the country. FLUGE works actively in these multidisciplinary venues as a provider of audiovisual equipment and, in some cases, also works in management.


With the aim of strengthening our brand outside Spain, Fluge occupies a strategic position in the Asian market thanks to the Pabellón de España in Shanghai (formerly the Pabellón de España at the 2010 International Expo in Shanghai). Fluge belongs to the Silikona Madrid shareholders’ group, which is wholly Spanish-owned. This group will be in charge of the management and use of the venue until 2018.

Louladi 1

Louladi Set

Fluge also has a set of over 1200 m² at its facilities in Arganda del Rey in Madrid designed for hosting various events: television programmes, rehearsals, filming, series recording, video clips, professional technical equipment testing, etc. In addition, Fluge has facilities in several areas for use as rehearsal rooms. The purpose is to offer a space suited to the requirements of the most demanding artists, always with the strong support of our company’s resources.

Espacio Multidisciplinar

Multidisciplinary Space

Comprehensive management of the venue.

Exclusive provider of sound, lighting and video systems.

Collaborating companies:

-Innova Servicios Creativos

-Alas Team

In Madrid, FLUGE has one of the most famous concert halls in the city, the Sala Silikona. In a similar vein are the bars 3K and Parkim Bar (recently redesigned), which are more than 30 years old.


Sala Silikona

Founded in 1985, it has hosted countless concerts, parties, functions, presentations and leisure activities over almost 3 decades.

Plaza del Encuentro, 1 – Moratalaz
Metro Vinateros (Linea 9)
Mas Info: 650829322 – 918231053


Sala 3K Lounge

This establishment was founded in the mid-80s with the aim of being a leader in nightlife in the Estrella and Moratalaz districts. It has a clearly defined spirit and its own style.

C/ Ramón Areces, 12 – Moratalaz
Metro Estrella (Linea 9)
Mas Info: 650829322 – 913288879


Sala Parkim Bar

Parkim Bar was the first nightlife venue in Moratalaz. Founded in 1977, it is the most famous venue in the well-known ‘Las Lonjas’ area in the heart of the district.

Avenida de Moratalaz 151 Posterior (Lonjas)
Metro Vinateros (Linea 9)
Mas Info: 650829322 – 911831978


Salas de Ensayo

Fluge has several areas available for use as rehearsal rooms. The aim is to offer a space suited to the requirements of the most demanding artists, always with the strong support of Fluge’s technical resources.

– Room 1 – 83 m²

– Room 2 – 61 m²