Vetusta Morla, the acclaimed Spanish alternative rock group, emerged as the highlight of the SanSan Festival 2024 in Benicàssim.  They offered an acclaimed show that left attendees wanting more. With an impressive staging and surround sound, Vetusta Morla positioned itself as the best group at the festival, conquering the hearts of thousands of fans who gathered to witness their performance.

With a masterful combination of lights, visual effects and impeccable performance, the band transported viewers to a unique sound universe, where each note resonated with intensity and emotion. Vetusta Morla’s repertoire, was an emotional roller coaster, ranging from her most iconic hits to more recent songs, keeping the audience completely absorbed in each song. Classics like “Copenhagen” and “Los Días Raros” resonated throughout the venue, unleashing a wave of euphoria among those present.

But beyond the musical quality, what really stood out about Vetusta Morla’s performance, was their ability to connect with the audience. With their charisma and closeness, the band managed to create an cozy atmosphere between artists and spectators, turning the concert into an intimate and exciting experience on all levels.

Thanks to Esmerarte Industrias Creativas, producer of the Vetusta Morla tour, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the F.O.H lighting, video and sound control equipment and monitors for the band’s performance at the SanSan Festival 2024. Among the equipment, it is worth highlighting around 70 mobile lighting spotlights controlled by a Chamsys MagicQ, Shure radio frequency monitors, a Digico SD5 in F.O.H. control. , a Digico Quantum 338 in monitors and 36 transparent screen LED modules.