After three years on hiatus, Vibra Mahou Fest has returned to Vigo to offer two days full of live music for the first time. On its second day of celebration, on October 29th, the show moved to the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, where music was the uninterrupted protagonist during twelve hours of live concerts by leading bands and artists on a national level and sessions of local DJs.

Mon Band at Vibra Mahou Fest 2022. © @boladebillar

The big day began at 12:00 in the morning with the opening of Chuti DJ Set, shortly after Mon Band, the local proposal, was in charge of opening the stage with their live show. Acclaimed artists such as Delaporte, Anni B Sweet and Los Estanques were some of the highlights of the festival, who were in charge of treating the audience to several of their best-known songs and shone with their powerful performances.

Battery and more music at Vibra Mahou 2022. © @boladebillar

Fluge Galicia, as a nationally approved audiovisual provider for Mahou-San Miguel, was in charge of local production and supplying the audiovisual technical part of this long-awaited Vibra Mahou Fest 2022. Among the lighting equipment, it is worth highlighting around 60 robotic and conventional pieces controlled by a Chamsys MQ70 table. As to the sound equipment, it was made up of more than 30 monitors in the P.A. system, frontfill and Adamson brand monitors, being controlled by two Yamaha CL5 consoles. Finally, a 7×4 meter central LED screen and two 4 x 3 meter side LED screens were installed.

Ten gigs for the occasion: the return of Vibra Mahou. © @boladebillar

DJ sessions at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium after three years of waiting. © @boladebillar

Fluge Audiovisual Technician at the control desk. © @boladebillar

The musicians preparing for the gig. © @boladebillar