Held last November 2022 at the Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona, WEM (World Experts Meeting) convened the most renowned plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors and dermatologists at an international level and invited them to share their techniques and experiences with the products of Sinclair at a forum for medical education, networking and entertainment before people from all over the world.

WEM (World Meeting Congress) at the Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona

With the goal of providing attendees with a deeper understanding of Sinclair products, the event was packed with lectures, live demonstrations of the different procedures, and relaxed discussions that emphasized safety, efficacy, and the science around it found behind all lab markings.

Giant screens at Fira de Barcelona with WEM

Thanks to Fira de Barcelona’s trust, producer of the event, Fluge Barcelona was in charge of supplying the lighting, sound and video equipment for the event. Among the audiovisual material used, more than 60 conventional lighting equipment stood out that dyed the scenery with light at certain moments of the presentation, a P.A. made up of DAS brand boxes, a simultaneous translation system, a central 8 x 3.5 meter LED screen, two 3 x 2,5 meter side LED screens and a 1 x 3.5 meter totem on one side. All video content was controlled by two Ascender systems and a Watchout mediaserver for fund management. In addition, the Fluge Barcelona team carried out the making of the event and cocktail.

A Fluge Barcelona technician at the WEM event

Detail of movable spotlights on the stage