With the aim of offering an integral complete service for the different productions it hosts, the Wizink Center launches a new and complete audiovisual supply that is made permanently available for events that require it.

To communicate all the technical news about the new equipment, today Friday June 18 a presentation was held at the venue where show and event promoters and agencies have gathered to observe the benefits of the installation on site.

Fluge Audiovisuales, as the official supplier of the Wizink Center, is in charge of supplying this equipment and technical services, as well as providing support to any need of the artists, as the leading company with endorsement and experience in Spain.

This equipment, which consists of a stage with an opening of more than 18 meters and state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems, has been dimensioned taking into account the characteristics of the venue and the different configurations and possible capacities.

With more than 100 Adamson loudspeakers covering PA, frontfill, downfill and outfill, more than 80 world-class moving lights distributed in 4 truss bridges, plus 2 side bridges and the option to include a LED screen on stage along with a HD production system among others, everything needed to cover the most demanding requirements is guaranteed.