The WiZink Center in Madrid will host a series of elite artists concerts that will go through Madrid Summer Fest’s special stage.

With the support of the Community of Madrid, the festival arises from the union of the companies in the music sector Proactiv and Voltereta Tour. This project aims to return the activity to the sector, support live music, all its professionals and create a summer space in a closed area. To see this through, all the necessary security measures will be taken and the capacity will be reduced to gather between 1,200 and 2,200 people, depending on the concert.

In addition, Madrid Summer Fest will have an innovative format in terms of stage design. Located in the center of the venue, the stage has a 360º design, so attendees will be distributed around chairs and tables located on artificial grass.

Thanks to the agreement concluded with the WiZink Center, Fluge Audiovisuales is responsible for installing and supplying the sound, lighting and video equipment for all the concerts scheduled this summer at the Madrid venue, so it will do the same with Madrid Summer Fest when the artists  Izal, Pablo López or Blas Cantó will exhibit on stage.