After almost two years of hardship, Zaragoza recovered its emblematic Central Market with a complete renovation that gives it a wider and more modern look. It is a centennial building, a rectangular iron and glass structure, with a great history in its walls that makes it an icon for the city. Its nearly 80 stands have been conditioned with different technology that combines past and future in the same space.

For its premiere different activities were carried out, such as meetings and concerts, which celebrated its opening together with various personalities of the political and social life of the city. In reference to the new installation of the space, it is worth highlighting four market restoration posts, two straight and two curved ones, in which large high resolution LED screens have been installed and have the peculiarity of being able to manage their contents remotely.

Fluge Zaragoza provided the LED screens as well as the audiovisual technical personnel for its installation thanks to the trust of Zentral Abastos ZGZ. Specifically, the LED screens, SLS brand, are shaped like a banner and measure 10 square meters for straight posts and 10.5 square meters for curves, have a pitch of 3.9mm and have four Novastar TB3 controllers for reproduction and remote content management.